Your voice.. It just feels like home. I miss it. I miss all of you so much.
― I’m sorry - hoetion (via perfect)

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Illusion never changed into something real
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It’s scary to think that there are words meant for me but were never said to me.
― jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)

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depression is like a cold hug
it pulls me close and
never lets go of me
maybe the reason i cannot
get it off of me is
everything else i’ve known
has let me go so easily
its the only constant in my life (m.g.t)

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The worst part about anything that’s self destructive is that it’s so intimate. You become so close with your addictions and illnesses that leaving them behind is like killing the part of yourself that taught you how to survive.
― L.L (via fleurthorn)

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I can’t abandon
the person I used to be
so I carry her
― 365 Days of Haiku, Day #123 (via idreamof-pb)

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Do not find homes in people. Do not settle in someone’s else’s skin for the way they make you feel. Plant your roots next to theirs and watch each other grow. Do not fall in love with temporary places.

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The damage was permanent; there would always be scars. But even the angriest scars faded over time until it was difficult to see them written on the skin at all, and the only thing that remained was the memory of how painful it had been.
― Jodi Picoult (via hqlines)


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My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them.
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